Thursday, January 26, 2017

Review: Vanished by Kendra Elliot

Title: Vanished
Author: Kendra Elliot
Source: Amazon


When eleven-year-old Henley Fairbanks is abducted on her way to school, the FBI doesn’t waste a moment, sending agents to scour the area and embedding Special Agent Ava McLane with the distraught family. In the eye of the storm is local detective Mason Callahan, who also happens to be related to Henley. To make matters worse for Mason, the kidnapping comes on the heels of the murder of his longtime confidential informant, and he’s been sidelined from the investigation. Now both he and Agent McLane are holed up in the Fairbanks’ home, along with Callahan’s ex-wife, Robin. Every second counts in a kidnapping case, and the stakes keep rising the longer Henley stays missing. As Ava and Mason struggle to hold the Fairbanks family together in their darkest hour, the two investigators find themselves more and more drawn to each other.


Wow ... what a mystery! This was a fantastic book that took me a day to get through. It's been a while since I sat down and just pushed through a good story. I instantly downloaded book 2 once it was finished and started it right away.

This mystery was laced with misdirection and tosses and turns that you just didn't quite see coming. I had an idea but I didn't know until 3/4 of the way through the book what was going to happen.

It was a def must read if you like mystery. 

This author's characters and writing style reminds me of Tami Hoag and Kay Hooper which are two of my fav authors so that means this author will probably find a new loyal fan in me.

5 stars hands down, great read!

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