Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Life Style Change .. Money a real motivater

New Year New Choices, right?
Lead by Example. I'll teach her to be proud of
herself by showing her Mom can be that too

That is how a lot of people start out their year. Of course everything is began with good intentions but who keeps it up or who achieves their desired results, that is the question.

This year my family is no different, we set goals. Again not resolutions ... You see, my daughter's TMJ doctor told her she can't have hard foods, candies or soda's anymore. She was devastated. So being the supportive mother that I am I told her I would give up Dr Pepper with her (I don't really eat candy so it wasn't an issue.) Then my son is getting braces in a few days and he won't be able to eat his favorite candies anymore either. And obviously we have to maintain a pretty gluten free life style because of my health.

So after talking with my hubby we decided, 2017 our family would be Gluten Free and Processed Sugar free. Which means ... life is gonna be hell for a while!

All 4 of us made a pact that we would start January 1 and we would do this for each other and with each other. My son and I need to trim down, my daughter needs her jaw to not hurt and my hubby is just crazy about wanting to continue to lose. He looks like he already has lost half a person! (He has been doing this for about a year now)

Let me tell you about yesterday ... day 3 of the life style .... it was so awful. I swear it was like the hardest thing in the world to keep my eyes open. I was worried I would fall asleep driving! It was crazy. The hubby listened to someone on a podcast who says sugar addiction is as bad as heroine. Gez it was a bad day. Not only did my stomach not feel well but the headache was horrid and again it was the worst chore trying to stay awake. I only got about 4 hours sleep the night before because I just couldn't get comfortable. It was a nightmare.

I went to sleep at like 9:30ish, I would have to check my Fitbit to be exact, but I woke up at 4:05 this morning. Over 6 hours of peaceful sleep according to the ole sleep tracker. Thank god. And more importantly I do not feel like I need to sleep non stop.

Now what I find so weird is, I didn't eat unhealthy to begin with. Because my hubby was already doing this life style everything I cooked at home and bought is pretty much sugar free anyway ... it was just the Dr Peppers. I would have about 1 drink from Mc Donald's a day. Which didn't seem like a lot because it would last me all morning and that was it. So in reality that is what I am cutting out ... Dr Pepper.

But the way I feel today compared to the way I felt the past two days ... I can see a real difference.

Now I was chatting with one of my besties yesterday and she is working on her life style choices as well. And she made the comment ... we should put money on it ... so now ... we have a $200 bet. From today's weigh in / measurements to April 1st deadline follow up ... whoever loses the most in inches and percent combined will with the 200.

I have never in my life made a bet of that much money before ... this is a huge thing for me.

But I want to be healthy ... I want to get to a weight that I am proud of. I want to keep feeling good for my family. And I want to make sure I am around for a very long time.

So I am putting myself out there ... I am giving myself real accountability. I have 3 months to shape up. I have 3 months to make this 'diet' a real life style and to make it worth it for my family and kids.

As of this morning I am down 3 pounds from Jan 1. One pound a day. I can do this. I can keep it up. I will conquer this goal.

And I will not be ashamed of myself. How can I teach my kids to be proud of themselves if there are parts of me I can't be proud of?

So there we have it ... $200 is on the line along with my health. Who's with me on this challenge? Anyone? Let's do it together and see how much we can improve our lives in 3 short months...

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