Monday, December 11, 2017

Random Post About Nothing ... Back in the saddle of blogging

Hey there Bloggers and Readers, long time no talk!

I know this year I have not been near as active as I used to be but I promise I have good reason. Their names are Aaron and Sierra. They take up 99% of my spare time, as any parent would understand.

I truly am shocked that 2017 is practically gone. It has flown by and I honestly can’t tell you what we did. Each week and weekend seem to blend together. Do you feel the same way? I mean obviously I look back  and see all the Girl Scout events, couple book events, family get together and the Special Olympics competitions. But seriously, what is there to show for the year?

2017 ... you certainly are a mystery.

I know every year at the end I do a yearly recap and I have been thinking about what I want to talk about, book, movie, event, but nothing is really standing out.

Well I take that back ... I am on the road to read 100 books by the time the ball strikes midnight on the 31st ... I am only a dozen books away from meeting that goal! Is it sad that that is what I am going to remember most outside of health issues, is reading 100 books!?!?

I guess not since you are all readers too and reading is what we do.

I am still mentally debating between my favorite books of the year. Thank goodness for Goodreads so I can easily look back on what I’ve read.

Ahh I know one thing that will also stand out ... The horrible movies of DC! Well, Wonder Woman wasn’t horrible, but Justice League I was so not impressed with. Now THOR! Give me some THOR! But Marvel always does do it better.

Sorry for the real random nature of this blog post. I promise next time I will have a point.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the last few weeks of the year. And if you are working on the Goodreads reading challenge ... good luck!

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