Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Trumped Up Survey ...

In college at Sam Houston State I minored in Political Science. That was back when I was naive enough to think I could help change the world and wanted to become an activist or lobbyist, then one day president. Pipe dreams, what can I say? I was young, I had hope...

Flash forward 13 years since graduating from SHSU and deep down I still hope that one day I can help change the world I however now just regret never following that dream, or hell any of my dreams. But I still have passion and still wish I could be involved.

This morning when I went to the mailbox and saw that ‘President Trump’ had sent me a survey through the RNC to obtain MY ‘grassroot’ opinion I was kinda excited to fill out the survey. Because I have a lot of opinions about what is going on in this world of ours and yes I want someone to hear my thoughts.

Of course it came in all official looking paper with a document code and a registration number. My first middle and last name were on it and it even included a letter from the president! Ohh, getting more exciting right?

Now I know that I am in a vast minority of my friends and probably my followers of my blog/author stuff in being a Republican and having voted for President Trump. I’m not ashamed, I just, have my reasons. I couldn’t vote for Hillary. So we will end the subject there. And no, that does not mean that everything the president has done I support because I would take his twitter app off his phone if I had the power to for sure. That being said … I was hopeful that with this letter included in the survey would help lead to an independent opinion of the matters facing the country.

First, the letter he (or probably a staff writer) wrote was just as boisterous as his speeches. To the point that words were bolded, capitalized and even underlined for emphasis on the RNC’s agenda. I didn’t need a very small list of summaries on the items the gov’t accomplished in 2017. The fact the letter had to be spaced the way it did is kinda sad. Yes I agree the main stream media is being pretty awful and manipulative and the democrats are road blocking a lot of progress, but pointing that out in a letter to the members of the Republican Party is going to further divide the country, not bring unity.

This is the crap I can’t get on board with, RNC. I don’t know if this was from President Trump or if they just used his branding but it was a major turn off for me and I hadn’t even looked at the survey yet. After I read the three pages of jargon that was right leaning and not close to bi-partisan (kinda hypocritical if you ask me) I rolled my eyes at the end when it asked for a contribution. After placing the letter aside I began to evaluate the survey.

It was basic, and right leaning. For me, someone who is about 60% republican 40% democrat this survey was a letdown. I know how they want me to answer it because the questions again felt leading.

Anyone who has studied surveys can tell you that you can manipulate and manufacture results anyway you want to. It is in how you word the sentences for the question or the answer choice.

I liked question 11, where it asked what my opinion was on what should be the top priority of the President. I answered balancing the federal budget. Because honestly, if we can’t even get our money right none of it matters because we will end up broke and out of our place as the top country.

So my excitement for this survey had dwindled down some but I was still going to send it off. Until question 12 hit … I am going to type it word for word.

12. Will you make a commitment to work with President Trump and the Republican Party to promote his agenda and elect candidates in 2018 that are dedicated to Making America Great Again?
-YES! President Trump, you can count on me. I am pledging my support with a contribution to the Republican National Committee of:
$25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or other
-No, I cannot make a commitment today, but I support our President and his agenda. I am returning my survey document with a contribution of $15 to cover processing.
-No, I do not support President Trump and Republicans in Congress

Signature ______________________________ Date___________
                     (Legal Name Pre-Typed Here)

So, President Trump and the RNC, are you saying you want my opinion, ONLY if I give you money? Let me also add the return envelope requires a stamp, they couldn’t even spring to cover postage. Yeah this offends me.

What a bias survey. This means that ONLY the people with A) an extra stamp laying around and B) extra money that they WANT to donate to a cause they may or may not find useful will respond. More often than not only the diehard republicans (which I am not) will send back this survey. And of course, if you are a diehard republican you are going to answer yes to all of the right leaning questions. Which means the answers are skewed … this is not a true sample of any part of the country then. It’s a sample of the republicans who can afford a stamp and a donation.

I’m not saying I can’t afford a stamp and a donation, I am saying, I’m not giving it. You want my opinion for a survey then you take my opinion, you don’t make me PAY YOU to give it. That is beyond insulting. As I said the inner political scientist in me is offended and the college student who wanted to become a lobbyist is in an uproar.

So here is my opinion RNC and President Trump …

Everyone in Washington is dragging their feet and playing the blame game. Shit isn’t getting done because no one wants to compromise. Yes the media is really screwing around with things and yes I believe the President has a bad shake from the news. But honestly … he does it to himself. If he would just stay the F off twitter then like 80% of it would probably go away. No I don’t want to get into a nuclear war over in Asia, no I don’t want the focus to be the border wall, yes I want to stop illegal immigration but more importantly I want someone to fix our health care system without taking away benefits to the elderly, youth and disabled.

There, for what it’s worth, that’s Ashley’s 2 cents.

Super disappointed with the political parties we have to choose from today. Both of them are bad and need to be done away with. I truly had hoped he would ‘drain the swamp’ but it hasn’t happened really. So RNC, maybe you shouldn’t send me a mailer asking me to help with your grassroots effort. Because I have never once voted straight ticket and I never plan on it.

I included the images just to share so you all could see for yourself and make your own opinion.


  1. Ashley point on your postage stamp issue. If they would have had the federal government use tax dollars to fund the postage then all the Americans would be paying for it and this is why they don’t do this.
    Second point- voting straight ticket, this time it is important if we want to help President Trump to get things done, so I would advise to vote Republican this time around, unless you want obstruction to everything g he is trying to do for this country.

    1. Aunt Pam - the RNC doesn’t use govt money or else you’re saying the survey was sent out on tax payers money.

      I always research the issue and candidates before i vote ... even in primaries. That’s the political scientist in me.

      But thank you for commenting. :)

  2. Yes I agree you’re probably right I wasn’t thinking about that for the postage. But voting Republican to help our President should be considered

  3. So well said Ashley ! I am sooooo NOT a trump fan never was before politics.... That being said I would say I’m independent. I vote both ways I vote for who I feel will do the best job . If there was anything like a conservative Democrat that would be me .. I agree with conservativeness but not with some basics the republicans do . That being said Democrats are too liberal for me . But I believe in helping ! I think that’s what’s messed up with our government, there should be a happy middle place somewhere (maybe me being naive ) . That’s what’s wrong with this world . Twitter..... no words for how that infuriates me .
    Your survey is so wrong on so many levels and I agree with you . Thank you for sharing .