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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog Week 2 featuring Johanna Rae

I am pleased to welcome Miss Johanna Rae to my blog. First off let me say her book, The Mercenary is one of the best book's I have
read in years. It was AMAZING!!! I strongly suggest you go out and buy it.

 All the things that make me ME
Johanna Rae
When I became pregnant with my first child, I had a few challenges and had to leave work very early on in the pregnancy. Many of my friends and family asked me what on earth I was going to do to fill in the days until I became a mother. They seemed to think I would be bored out of my mind by the time the baby came but they could not have been more wrong.

I have a multitude of hobbies which are almost all within the realm of creativity. Until this point I’d had to pick and choose what I gave my time to as I balanced my job and marriage. Now I suddenly had time upon my hands. My two biggest passions have always been writing and art. Back then writing was just a hobby, an outlet of unrecognized potential. I still have some of the stories I wrote during that time and I hope one day to go back and polish them up. The only thing putting me off is that they are all handwritten in notebooks. You see, back then I didn’t have a laptop either. For now they are in the ‘one day’ pile.

It’s amazing how much can change about a person in a few short years. Since having children I have not only been granted an unexpected perspective of the world, I have also learned a lot about myself. When I say this I do not mean I learned the hard way that babies mean sleepless nights. I do not mean that I had to search within myself for patience I had not previously possessed either. I love being a parent and yes that has been a journey. What I did not expect was to learn so much about myself as a woman along the way.
In my early days of motherhood I suffered from post natal depression.  In dealing with that and striving to be the best mother that I could be, I did a lot of soul searching. And as my child grew and two more joined his side, I began to explore the woman that I was beyond motherhood. I guess you could say that I came out of my shell. 

I continued to sketch and paint, and of course write. Now that my creativity had been unleashed, I expanded it further, and took up hobbies such as jewelry making, scrapbooking, music and knitting. There was never any time to get bored, for if I was not spending time with my children I was busy creating. I’m a deep thinker which leads to a lot of analysis. I’ve found that no matter which creative outlet I choose, it in turn inspires something else.

Ultimately as I have allowed myself to grow, the writing has started to overshadow everything else. I’m okay with this as I believe it is probably the largest piece of who I am.  Now that the center of things has shifted I find that everything feeds the writer in me. Whether I am sketching or camping with my husband and children, my subconscious is always looking for the next story.  I’m okay with that too. Hi, my name is Johanna Rae and I’m a writer.

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