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Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog Week 1 – Patricia Laffoon

Patricia is visiting my blog today, I'm so grateful she agreed to all us ladies in our little blog hop. She and her writing partner Aaron do a fantastic job. Sit back and relax, enjoy this great interview by Patricia!!!

1. What made you start writing and which subject matter do you enjoy the most?

I was encouraged by a teacher in high school to take a creative writing class. I have dyslexia it's a learning disability, and she thought it would help. I wrote poems and such as a young girl you know romantic angst nothing earth shattering. When I joined Facebook I met a role player who was and still is involved with the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. We conversed for six months before he encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try. And one day I decided what's the worst that could happen and I took a huge leap of faith that I wouldn't be laughed at. So started my writing. As for subject matter I have always been drawn to the story of The Little Mermaid, and not the Disney story but the one by Hans Christian Anderson, the story of a mermaid princess who gives up her title, her voice, and ultimately her life, for the love of a human prince.  So when I took on the role of Trish of course she would have to be a Mermaid with a slightly different take on the original story. 
2. Is there anything that you write about that can be controversial? 

I don't believe so other than I take liberties with Trish and her story but hey who's to say what can be written about a mermaid...she's a work of fiction to begin with.

3. What inspires you to write and how often do you do it?

My writing partner Aaron/Rudy. We try to write at least every night in Role play and the group page that another put together Otherworlds: Pirates, that's where we got the idea for our Story to begin with.

4. If you could only take one book with you for the next year what would it be and why?

One book!? Gosh that's going to be a hard one... Hmm I think it would be the Bible. Not only would it give me plenty to read, it has it all life, death, love, intrigue, battles.  But also would nourish my spirit.

5. Is there a particular character of yours that you like more than the rest?

Well this is a simple one I only have one character, and I like her pretty well *grins*

6. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?  Josephine March from Little Women. She struck a chord in me being a tomboy myself and wanting to be a writer. She's a strong resourceful female who makes her way no matter what conventional  times call for. 

7. What age did you start reading, did you have a favorite children’s book?

You know with dyslexia I never read for enjoyment as a child, but my grandmother gave me a book when I was a young teen - Two Little Women on a Holiday by Carolyn Wells. It touched my heart that she was trying so hard to spark my imagination. I read it cover to cover with much difficulty and a dictionary by my side to look up the words I didn't understand, but I spent that summer reading it  from cover to cover. From there I went on to the Hardy boys...yes I still have the book and the full collection of the Hardy Boys.

8. What's the best part of being an author?

You know I am still so new at this the biggest thrill right now is running into friends and them telling me they Googled me and found my anthology online and bought it...and would I sign their copy...

9. If your current book (published or work in progress) could become a movie who would star in it?

Piper Lisa Perabo

10. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now, writing wise?

Well I never thought to publish a book in the first place, but I would love to keep doing what I'm doing now and maybe branching out trying something on my own totally different from what I am doing now. I was in the U.S. Army Reserves for 23 years.  I always said I would write about that experience. It would take at least that long to gather and remember all those years.


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  1. I don't have dyslexia myself Patricia, but I do have a friend who does. I've seen first hand what a challenge that is when it comes to learning and enjoying fiction. I am in awe that you have risen above this challenge in such a strong way. Not only have you found enjoyment in reading and carved a niche for yourself in the RP world, but you have published your own work. That's awesome!