Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Introducing TD Jones an XoXo Publishing Author

I'd like to take a moment and welcome TD. Jones to my blog. She is a fellow XoXo Publishing author who has published Wedding Dresses and Spurs with them. I'm grateful that she took a moment to stop by and answer a few questions I sent her. Everyone at XoXo is very 'family' like and we all enjoy chipping in and hanging out together. So with out further delay, here is TD. Jones!

1.      First off why did you become a writer? I’ve always had a love for writing. It’s in my blood.

2.      What does your husband think of your writing? I don’t have a husband, but do have someone I call The Man. I really don’t think I impress him that much. I think no matter how famous I get, he still thinks I should do the cooking.

3.      Is there a genre you want to write in but haven’t yet? I would love to write a big mystery novel.

4.      What inspires you to write? Everything around me inspires me. I look at the world as my research.

5.      Do you have a special place to write in your home? I have a home office which I love to escape to, but here lately I seem to take my laptop to bed with me.

6.      How did you come up with the idea for your current title? Wedding Dresses and Spurs came to me one night when the character woke me from a sleep and was telling me about a wedding dress she was making for a cowboy’s family member.

7.      Are any characters based on you? I think each character I write has a pinch of me, but no not totally on me. If I had to pick up from this book, it would be Rose. I’m a true blond sometimes.

8.      How long does it take you to write your books? Each book is different. If the characters are really talking it only takes a couple of months. I work full time so nights and weekends are the only times I get to write, so sometimes its can seem really slow.

9.      Who is your favorite author? I love Sandra Brown…but have many that I would call my favorites.

10.  What's in the future for you? I hope a lot more books. I set my goals pretty high for myself so we will see if I reach them.

Fire Round:
Chocolate or Vanilla-Chocolate
Favorite Color-Blue
Morning Noon or Night-Early morning
Weekdays or Weekends-I love my weekends
Favorite Holiday-Christmas
Favorite Vacation Spot-Hawaii
Favorite Sport-Baseball, love it when the guys are warming up.
Favorite Saying-what goes around comes around

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