Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Perfect Tuesday Night..Oh Poor Nikole

I’m sitting here on a typical Tuesday night with the biggest smile on my face. I’m trying to remember a night in the last five months that can top this and I just don’t think there is one. My night started out typical, driving home from work and chatting with my besties on the telephone when I pull into the driveway and look at the email notification that popped up.

The local comic book store just ordered four of my new release Maverick Touch! I thought that was where my good news day would end, and I would have been completely happy too. I walk in tell the hubby, see the smile on his face. It was perfect!!

I sit down and eat dinner then we watch a bit of Being Human when my facebook notification goes off and my friend Sharlane is in my messenger telling me “Really, Really, REALLY! That’s how you end the book!!!” That’s when the laughs start. It’s quite a one sided conversation and she goes on and on about my world, my made up Algula world.

She tells me, Poor Zayn, that ending, just poor Zayn. And Nikole, she needs to be spanked, I hope Alec spanks her in Blood Yellow.

Perfect, utterly perfect. There is nothing greater than the fans really feeling involved in the characters. Let’s not forget the torture scenes…blown away Sharlane was. I love it. It makes all the hard work, time, energy and sweat that I poured into Blood Purple worth it. 

Here is her exact quote “Yes you can say that Sharlane said your book rocked and needs more spanking. No really loved it. The torture scenes... Where the hell did you come up with that? Damn poor Nikole.”

So for this random Tuesday night I have to say – this is one happy freaking author!

Thank you Sharlane for sharing your experience with me!!!


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