Sunday, March 17, 2013

As Time Goes On…History of Saint Patrick’s Day and What it Means to Me

It’s that special time of the year where you have to pile on the green or be prepared to get pinched. Have you ever wondered where this crazy tradition started? I know most people know it’s an Irish holiday but why do we observe it and when did the pinching start? The Irish have observed the feast of Saint Patrick for over a thousand years. The traditional Irish celebration includes dancing, drinking and a feast. Now what does that feast include? Bacon and Cabbage.

What is it with Bacon it sure is popping up everywhere it seems … Moving on … Have you ever wondered where the Shamrock came from and why it is used? The Shamrock is a symbol of the rebirth of spring and its use began to be prominent when the English started to take over the Irish lands and outlaw the Irish language and practice of Catholicism. This was how the Irish men and women were able to keep their pride and show their displeasure with the Crown of England.

Most of the music you hear during Saint Patrick ’s Day stems from the ancient days of the Celts. Music is of major importance in most Irish national’s lives and using the Celtic Music was a perfect way to express this. Most of the culture the Celts observed is passed on through music. This also helped during the days of the oppression for native Irish citizens to remember all of the events that had transpired through their history. This worked up until Queen Elizabeth I put a ban on music, well not must music but all Arts. Anyone caught performing as an artist or piper was to be arrested and hanged on the spot.

Now who was Saint Patrick and why does he have this day of feast? Most people have heard the tales of how he stood hilltop and banished the snakes from Ireland. For those of you who know Ireland’s history you might recall that Snakes are not indigenous to Ireland. The ‘snake’ was used as a metaphor; the reality of it was Saint Patrick helped eradicate pagan ideology from Ireland. Within a short time (200 years) Christianity had completely taken over and became the religion of choice.

And finally, The Leprechaun. Did you know that the Leprechaun was not associated with St. Patrick’s Day until Walt Disney made a film called “Darby O’Gill & the Little People”? Prior to this, Lebrechauns came from the Celtic believe in fairies. They were tiny men and women and the possessed magical abilities and could serve good or evil. They were cranky souls and known for their trickery. So you see The Leprechaun aspect is very Americanized and has nothing to do with the actual meaning and tradition of the Catholic Holy Day of March 17th.

Now that we have all the facts down, what does this mean to me? Growing up my Grandfather always made sure to express how important the Irish roots are in our family. You see, most of you know that the Blood Series is from my Arabic roots but there is a whole other half of me, my mom’s half. The Irish half. The one thing everyone who knew my grandfather can attest too was how he always ‘prayed for the Irish.’ His last month with us he would talk to me about my writing, he was just as excited as I was when I was accepted at XoXo Publishing. However, the one thing I was lacking, according to him, was a good Irish story. He made me promise him that there would be characters based on his roots, based on our family and that they would not be vampires. That still makes me laugh. Thus the birth of Bud’s Christmas Wish, which I am turning into a holiday series, book two will be Bud’s Christmas Miracle. (I have to give my hubby props for that, as he came up with the title)

My grandpa had a green suit, he was the tallest Leprechaun in the world – or so I thought when I was a wee little girl. He used to do a dance outside of the garage that magically opened the doors. It was all part of his Irish-ness…to me. While I never have been to Ireland I very much feel like the Irish is a part of my roots. My grandfather kept our heritage alive and inside of me. My mother says that the movie ‘Waking Ned Devine’ resembles his family and I remember the look he always made when I teased about that.

So I sit here, March 17th, 2013, the first Saint Patrick’s Day without my beloved Grandfather and my heart feels sad. I miss the man who taught me so much, the man who made me laugh and the man who gave me a culture that is cherished by so many around the world.

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