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Caliente Blog Hop - Four Seduced Muses

Hello Everyone and Welcome to my blog. We are supposed to talk about something 'hot' today - I'm sitting here, the Saturday before the hop thinking .... 'Hot Hot Hot ... what can I write about that's hot?' and it occurs to me, this blog would be the perfect place to introduce the world to my alter ego, Niki Becker.

Now some of you might be wondering Why would she take on a new name? Well that answer is simple, I needed to release myself of my self-imposed restrictions so I could freely write these ideas I had in my head that are more adult/erotic.

I am not going to hide my alter ego, I won't keep it hidden. But knowing that it won't be published as Ashley Nemer but instead Niki Becker made for a much better writing experience. I know it seems silly that a small little name change could do so much. So I've decided to give you an example of the new and improved writing that Niki Becker brings to the table. This is called Temptation Tuesday, Volume 1 and the release date is May 7th. A new volume will be coming out every Tuesday by alternating authors. I hope you enjoy. I've included the buy links if you want to see how the short story ends.


For participating in this blog hop there are two prizes. One person who comments and joins on my blog I will randomly select to win an early release ebook copy of Blood Purple and then of course one lucky winner gets one grand prize form all of the blog stops combined. So happy Commenting! Please enter the Rafflecopter link below.

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Temptation Tuesday Volume 1, The Cafe, by Niki Becker

This is a small snippet from the story ... this is halfway in the middle

Groceries were put away and now it was time to set up the room. I had picked up a new toy while out on my trip that required some installation. Jogging upstairs, I pulled the swing out of its box and spread it out over the bed. I took a glance at the instructions on the box and went to it. Twenty minutes later and the swing was installed over my bed, ready for use. I stood back, looking at my accomplishment with a smile. 

I could picture Ms. Lane strapped in, displayed for my every use.
There were only thirty minutes left until she would arrive, and I still hadn’t showered. I made my way into the bathroom and stripped off the shirt and pants. Adjusting the water temperature and then stepping inside, I started to clean myself from the travel grime I knew was crawling all over me.
I grabbed the water proof clippers and began to groom myself, making sure everything was perfect for her enjoyment. I let the shampoo and soap combination run along my skin and moisturize every inch of me, ensuring my softness when she touched.

Stepping out of the shower and toweling off, I looked into the mirror and examined what I saw looking back at me. I saw my cock’s reflection in the mirror and he had grown back to attention. At this rate I would come at just a glance of her. That was unacceptable. 

Dropping the towel to the floor and reaching my hand down to my length, I grabbed it and pictured Ms. Lane. I started stroking myself and, closing my eyes, pictured how she looked spread eagle on my bed, waiting for me. My mind wandered and I thought about how it felt, my nose running up her inner thighs and finding her sweet honey, coating her lips.

My cock twitched in my hand when I remembered the first time I slipped my tongue into her hot folds, the heat and sweet smell filling my senses. My taste buds in overload when her nectar touches them. My tongue running up and down her walls while she moaned out sweet whimpers.
Stroke, stroke stroke, over and over, until my the head of my cock felt the pressure. My finger ran over the sensitive skin, feeling the precum, rubbing it into my skin. My free hand went to my balls and squeezed. I pictured her mouth around my cock, looking down into her eyes while I thrust in and out of her moist mouth. I could feel her sucking on me already, and that was enough to cause me to explode. Right there on the cabinet. My hands came to the counter and I leaned down on them for support. My breath was shaky and my legs felt weak. 

Ms. Lane was my undoing, even when she wasn’t here.
Reaching down and picking up the towel, I cleaned off my still semi-hardened dick and wiped off the cabinet. Tossing the towel in the laundry basket, I walked out of my room and down the hall way just as I hear the doorbell ring.
She’s here.

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