Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Faith

What do you put your faith in?

I know the point of this blog hop is to have simply pictures but I also know the point of a blog is expression. Tonight I need to express myself.

Everyone has something that holds them together. That keeps everything aligned and your world rotating on the correct axis. Everything in our life revolves around our focal and it's up to ourselves to keep the strands in tact. How do we keep each of our strands together to the point that they won't start to snap? Faith. Not simply a faith in a deity, but faith overall. In ourselves, our spouses/family, friends, in anything really. My question is what do you do when the faith you had your whole life starts to unravel and you are left floating, trying to stay grounded but really you are just drifting about searching for that bond to hold you in place?

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