Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day - Mom!


Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there. This is my Mother and I, it was taken three years ago on my 27th birthday where she surprised me with this awesome trip. But that's what my mom does, she surprises me when I least expect it.

This trip my mom took me to Lake Charles and we spent the three day weekend at the casino. What can I say about this trip - it was so fantastic. We were driving across the great State of Texas and she hands me this pile of flyers and discounts, she tells me pick out what I want to do. I'm thumbing through the stack and I see 'complementary tickets to Lone Star.' I was like OHMYGOD!! haha. Mom had no idea who they were but that was alright because I did. I love Lone Star!

So we check into the hotel and Mom makes the arrangements for us to go to the Lone Star concert that night. 

The room was great and the casino/hotel was spectacular! Oh the all you can eat crab - that was to die for. It was a great weekend. I think the funniest part of this weekend was that someone thought Mom and I were on a vacation celebrating our anniversary! I about died when the check out person at the restaurant said that to us! It was just a crazy great weekend.

But back to Lone Star. They were awesome. We were eight rows from the stage and the music sounded fantastic. It was a little funny that the singer kept messing up the first few songs cause they were new, you don't get to see that much at concerts.

After the concert ... well ... I kinda did what I do best at events where you are up close and personal with celebs ... I stalked the guitar player!


This is the photo with me and him, Michael Britt. He was super super nice and once I told him it was my birthday he was all, "Okay yeah let's do a picture." 

Was totally great!!!

So this Mother's Day I'm gonna head down to my Mom's and chill with her and my Grandma. It will be relaxing and fun.

The perfect way to spend a Sunday.