Thursday, August 1, 2013

Freaking Exhausted ! - Passing the *&^% Out

When I decided to take up this quest of writing ... why did no one warn me that I would become a big pile of mush on my couch that was 100% wiped out? Maybe it was obvious to others but me being the glass is half full kinda girl never realized that I would just have nothing left. If it's not one thing it's another. Planning tour schedules for blogs, writing blog posts, putting together marketing kits, researching blogs to contact, following up with blogs who have replied...And that's not even getting to the writing part of my job!!

What happened to the days where I could sit at a computer and just type away, my imagination being the only thing taking control of my mind. Now it seems like I welcome ANY AND ALL distractions. From the ding of a Facebook notification to my dogs looking like they just need to be pet. And let's not talk about trying to balance out time with my hubby. Writing really is a second FULL time job. Because even if I'm not writing for one of my many projects, I'm thinking about my projects. My poor hubby - Tony is such a trooper. He really is a saint. Is there some kind of Authors Spouse of the Year award I could give him? He puts up with so much. Ah I am so blessed.

But I am so exhausted!!!! Next week Stacy and I are heading to Vegas for the Romance Novel Convention and what am I looking forward to the most? Day one, registration isn't until 4pm so what am I going to do? SLEEP!

It is 9:24 and all I can think about is curling up in bed with a book and drifting off to sleep. I love writing and I love making worlds that come alive but damn it, I need my energy back!

Okay - Rant Over - I just needed to like spew all over my blog I guess ... And now I bid you, good night -- Hopefully you have a good book you can curl up with too. I'm reading Bayou Heat by Alexander Ivy and Laura Wright ... What are you reading?

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