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Summer Lovin Blog Hop

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A Deleted Scene from BLOOD YELLOW

She came at him like a bolt of lightning, fast and hot. Leigh didn't like anyone pushing her over the edge and that is what Haydar was doing to her. He was sending her straight into Jonothon's arms.

"Jonothon, I need you now." She called out to him. She watched him look up from his chair and the drawings he was attending too with a gleam in his eye. She knew this was what he risked it all for. For that chance with her.

"At your service Boss Lady." He rose from his chair and sauntered across the room until he reached her desk. He looked down at her and his eyes focused on her neck. He held his stare and didn't let his eyes meet hers, he just soaked in the glow her body was emitting. "You were with Mother Nature today; I can tell I love how the magik makes you glow."

Leigh stood up from her chair and brought her hand to his face. She let her thumb and forefinger run over his skin. It was prickly from the five o'clock shadow, she loved it when he felt rough. "I was, I needed to come to peace with what we are planning. I needed to ask my mama's forgiveness."

"And how do you feel now?" Jonothon started to kneel when her hand caught his chin and held him in place.

"I feel as if I need to be punished."

"Punished? Well your wish is my command Boss Lady. I am pleased you are allowing me this service."

"There is no one else I would trust to hold the whip against me."

Jonothon took her hand in his and walked her over to the side wall, he pressed on one of the old stones and a small opening appeared. They each stepped inside and he flipped on the dim lighting system they had installed in the secret cavern. He placed his hand on the small of her back and guided Leigh to the rack that was positioned in the middle of the room.

"Your hand." He watched her extend her left arm and he took her hand and shackled her wrist to the iron chains. He walked behind her body and without asking he grabbed her other hand and repeated the actions. He reached over and picked up the knife that was setting on the table behind the rack and in a swift motion cut the shirt and pants from her body, leaving her skin exposed to the damp air inside the room.

He grabbed a small whip, only around three feet from base to the split tip, to replace the knife. This hybrid was one of his favorites, similar to a traditional cat-o- nine but the shorter tail gave him more control.


Crack, the sound of the whip hitting the back of her thigh. "Not this time Leigh, I'm in charge." He let his hand run up through her hair and he made a fist with the strands of her hair and pulled on them. He watched her head move backwards and leaned his mouth down and placed his lips on her soft skin. The scent of earth was traveling though his nose and he felt his excitement grow. He shimmied out of his pants and kicked them to the side.

"Tell me who's the boss Leigh." He circled her body until he was looking her in the eyes. His free hand reached out and held up one of her breasts while he cracked the whip again against her soft and creamy flesh.

"For the moment, you."

Jonothon hissed baring his fangs before he sank them into her breast and sucked on her warm copper blood with long and heated pulls. His head shot up and her blood dripping down his chin, "You're mine."

I hope you enjoyed my teaser from a deleted scene I couldn't work into Blood Yellow. Leigh and Jonothon are a lot of fun for me to write. Leigh is one of my favorite characters so I love being able to share little glimpses of her world with readers.

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