Thursday, August 29, 2013

One Year Blogaversary!!!

My Blog is One Year Old Today!!!

This is very exciting for me - a year ago I started working with a world I had no clue about. I had no way of knowing that the blog world would totally pull me in and keep me preoccupied like it has. It's a fantastic feeling and I am so glad that I have been some what successful with this.

It's been a great ride - from blog posts on here of my 'Ashley's Ramblings' to guest blogs from visiting authors, interviewing other authors, even posting guest blogs on other sites. It's an all encompassing great world. I think blogging has so many things to benefit authors and readers.

Honestly I feel those who read my blogs I can connect better with because it's a more in depth posting, weekly visits, etc... I've met some wonderful men and women on here and I'm just thrilled that I have been welcomed with such warm greetings.

To celebrate my one year blogaversary I have decided that I will do a different kind of give-away. If you join my page and leave a comment then I will select one (1) winner and I will name a character in my Maverick Touch series after them. How does that sound? This book is slated to come out Spring 2014 - and is currently in development. I will leave this contest open for one (1) month. September 29th I will select the winner.

I wanted to do something different - so I hope you all enjoy that. If you are already a member of the blog and want to participate then you can comment to.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me on this journey and I am really excited about year 2!


  1. What a great idea for a contest! Happy 'blogaversary' Ashley, I hope next year brings you great success. Have fun with choosing a winner :)