Monday, November 25, 2013

New Release!! Bud's Christmas Miracle

The day is here!!! Bud and Lucy finally have their wedding!!!! Those of you that experienced the first adventure with these two love birds know that no one, not even strong willed women, can escape fate.

This series, as most of you might know, is very near and dear to my heart. My grandfather asked me as his last request, to write an Irish love story based on our family to mirror the Blood Series that I wrote for my father's family. So that's what I did.

The first book, Bud's Christmas Wish was dedicated to my four grandparents because I looked at the four of them, now just three, and saw what true love was all about. A love so powerful that it could withstand time and space to keep these two couples united against all odds they faced together.

Now we travel to their wedding that picks up just a couple months later. Lucy's grandfather set into motion a series of events that would forever change her life. He, even in his death, brought her Bud.

Now Bud and Lucy are married and life isn't as predictable as the happy couple thought.

So please join me in the final chapter of Bud and Lucy's love. Pick up your ereader and turn the pages with me as we see just how special a timeless love can be.

If you join my blog and leave a comment stating how you joined with your email address (or if you are a current member and just give me your email address) on December 1st I will randomly select one winner to receive the print combination book of Bud and Lucy.

Do you ever wonder what happens once Happily Ever After kicks in? Bud and Lucy started their life together in search of love, adventure and fun. Join them along with Hannah, as they trace Lucy's family roots back to Stafford Castle in hopes of bonding with her granddad one more time.

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There were birds signing outside and children laughing in the streets. Spring was starting, and nothing would stop the magic of Ireland when it came to Bud and Lucy’s wedding. She would never forget how her granddad, Alastar, had orchestrated this whole thing before he died. There had to be magic here, otherwise they never would have found each other.

The aisles were laced, the flowers were displayed, and the parish was ready. The church bells rang loudly, alerting the town to the ceremony. Many parishioners piled into the tiny chapel to witness their union. 

“Grandmum, is my veil on right? Is it straight?” Lucy looked herself over in the mirror nearly one hundred times before she felt she looked perfect.

“Aye, lass, come on. You’re beautiful. Now let’s get ye married off.” Hannah pulled on Lucy’s arm, lined them up at the edge of the hallway, and signaled to the organist to begin the music. Lucy’s heart was racing as she opened her eyes and saw Bud standing there.

The two women walked in unison down the aisle. Lucy looked around at all the familiar faces that had been a part of her life for two years now. Her heart was heavy with grief, with her parents and granddad missing, but the woman who held her up walking down the aisle beside her was all she needed.

“Who presents this woman for marriage?” The priest asked. 

Lucy felt the warm touch of her grandmum just before she responded, “I give Lucy away.”

Most of the ceremony went by in a daze; Lucy couldn’t take her eyes off of Bud. Dressed in a perfectly pressed suit, black jacket, baby blue shirt, and pinstripe pants, he made the most handsome groom she had ever seen. As gorgeous as he was, the one thing that stood out was his smile. It melted her heart to see him looking back at her. She loved that he had loved her even before she’d known he was interested, all because of her granddad and his dying wish for his clainne.

The minister jarred Lucy’s attention when he told them to stand and face each other.

“Do you Bud Doran, take Lucy O’Toole to have and hold, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?” the minister asked. 

Bud looked at Lucy, his heart beating fast, overwhelmed with happiness. His body warmed with the smile she gave him when she looked up into his eyes. “I do.” It was the easiest thing he’d ever said.

The minister turned to Lucy and began repeating the same words. Bud’s attention never left Lucy’s perfect face as her words, “I do,” rang through his ears. The sounds of the parishioners in the church murmuring and rejoicing at their declarations filled both Lucy and Bud’s hearts.

“I now pronounce you man and wife. Bud, you may kiss your bride!” The priest proclaimed.

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