Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Review: A Wolf's Bane by Sherrie Henry

Title A Wolf's Bane

Author Sherrie Henry

Genre Paranormal Romance

Source I purchased this on Amazon.

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Can a human and a werewolf overcome obvious obstacles to be together? Romy and Kai have been hiding their affair from Kai’s clan; it’s not only that Romy is human, but she’s also much older than Kai. Will Kai’s obligation to his clan and tradition tear them apart?

Kai, the eldest and only son and heir to the family’s clan, has fallen for the forbidden, Romy, a human. His father has plans for the clan that doesn’t involve Kai mating a human; these plans drive them apart. But can they ignore their feelings and buck tradition? Will Kai’s decision lead to his death?


For those that know me they will tell you that I love books about wolves in the paranormal aspect. What that means it's, it's hard to impress me because I am very critical when it comes to them.

Sherrie does an excellent job keeping my attention and interest during this sort story. I wish it had been longer and I hope there will be a sequel (hint hint) with Kai's sister.

Ms Henry writes characters that are easy to identify with. This is the second story of hers I have read and again the female lead made me feel for her with all pain she was in and rejoice with her glory when it was finally over. Her females are always so easy to identify with.

I wish parts had been longer. I wish the start of their relationship had been longer. But other than that I found no fault. This was a delightful story with a happy ending that like I said made me want a sequel.

I love Sherrie's short stories and look forward to reading more of them.


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