Friday, February 14, 2014

Love is in the Air, Blog Hop, Valentines Day

 Love is in the Air Blog Hop --- Flash Fiction --- Here's my excerpt from Niki Becker's, 



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“Having issues, Jake?”
“None that couldn’t be fixed with a quickie.” I tried to say that as a joke, but something in the way she looked at me made me know she knew I was serious, and the idea of that didn’t seem to bother her.
“You asking, or just stating a fact?”
“I would never presume…”
“Why don’t we wait until we get to the pier, I know the perfect spot to relieve that tension for you.”
She was something else, something my mind couldn’t wrap around. What kind of woman was so eager to spread her legs for a casual friend? That’s when it hit me; she’s one of The Girls.
“So what do you do, Janice?”
“Oh, you know a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”
“Little bit of this and that, huh? Bet that can get old after a while.”
“Well, just depends on the company. What do you do, Jake?”
“Oh you know, a bit of this and that myself.”
“How about that, two of a kind, we appear to be.”
“That it does, Janice. Appears we are meant to connect.”
“Connect, is that what we’re going to call this?”
Chuckling low, I moved my hand to the small of her back and pushed her over to me, her chest touching mine. I could feel her nipples perking out against my hard body. I leaned down, took her lips with mine, and forced my tongue through her barrier and into her mouth. After a few moments, I pulled back and smiled.
“Connecting for free, that’s what friends do.”
“I never said we were friends.”
“Trust me, sugar, after this, you will agree.”
I watched her lower her hand to my zipper. My cock was anxiously awaiting its freedom. We were ten yards from the pier, and all I could think about was dropping her on her back and having my way with her.
She slipped the zipper down and ran her finger inside of my pants until she found my cock. That was the moment I started to lose it. My body shuddered at her touch, at her nails along my skin. In a hurried motion, I rushed her the remaining ten yards and pushed her up against the wooden pole underneath the pier.
Her hand found my dick once again. While she rubbed her nails along my shaft, my hands popped the button on my pants and exposed my cock completely as I slipped pants off. Twitching from excitement, I could feel the tip of my head start to moisten with a little droplet of precome. I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees to align my cock with her mouth.
My hand went into her hair and made a fist in her golden strands before pushing her supple lips onto my head. My knees felt weak at the first suck she gave. Her tongue circled my head then massaged my shaft down to the base. With her hair in my hand, I started moving my arm up and down, guiding her warm mouth along my shaft.
“Suck, Janice, suck.”
She obeyed with no qualms. She started slow then pulled harder with her sucks. I felt her hand wrap around my balls, her finger running over the smooth spot leading to my asshole. Moans were all that came out as she teased me. I rocked into her mouth over and over until finally I couldn’t help it anymore. She knew it was coming; I could tell. Her eyes shot up to mine while I looked down at her. I ran my fingers over her face and pulled out. Leaning down, I grabbed the top of her shirt and ripped it open.
Clutching myself, I motioned my hand fast back and forth, and then within seconds, I came all over her chest. One arm held my body up, pressed against the pillar, the other hand stroked my cock continuously. Once I was done, I shook my dick at her mouth. “Lick it clean.”
Her tongue snaked out and wiped up the last droplets of come from my head. This was a professional, there was no denying it. When she started to stand, I placed my hands on her shoulders once again and kept her on her knees. My hand ran through her hair and along her cheeks. She was beautiful and perfect.
“I’m not done yet.”
I knelt down alongside her, finished unbuttoning the rest of her shirt, and slipped it off her. My semen still on her chest made my cock go back to being hard almost instantly. Looking at it glistening in the sunlight, I took my finger and rubbed it through the liquid, running it along the top curves of her breasts.
I guided her down to the ground and when I removed her pants I saw her red panties matched the red bra she was wearing.
“You look amazing.”
She smiled back at me, and with a quick motion of my hands I pulled her panties off and stared at brown curls above her mound.
“Someone isn’t a natural blonde.”

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