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Sunday Review: Timeless Love by Ariana Miller

Title: Timeless Love
Author: Ariana Miller
Genre: Romance
Published: February 11, 2014
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Source: I received a copy of this for a honest review

Timeless Love explores the unique and unbreakable bond that develops between two very different people after destiny brings them together at a crucial point in their lives.
Warren McLean and Pauline Clemens couldn’t be more different from each other. He’s a confident, independent, and successful Hollywood director, who rebelled against his father and had to overcome a lot of hardships to get to where he is today. She’s a somewhat sheltered and insecure woman searching for love, who lives life by the rules and keeps hoping for a better tomorrow.
When destiny brings these two together, both of their lives are irrevocably changed forever. They are each put in a position where neither can survive without the other, and the powerful bond they ultimately develop is one that very few people ever achieve.
Sure to touch your heart in ways you couldn’t imagine, Timeless Love is a brilliant and thoughtful piece of contemporary romantic fiction that speaks to the unstoppable power of love and the surprising ways our differences can be used to draw us closer together.


He was on a cruise around Tahiti and Bora Bora when he saw her, the sun setting behind her. She was the most exquisite view he had seen in a long time. He must have been shamelessly staring in her direction, because he saw her turn her back to him.
Golden-blonde curls brushed against her flawless cheeks. She was wearing a sleeveless summer dress, exposing her smooth, olive skin, which he wanted to touch, to feel her softness. He was so enchanted that he wanted to capture every bit of her beauty in his memory.
He was far away in his thoughts, his eyes half-closed, when he heard an appealing voice. “Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?” He opened his eyes to see that she was standing in front of him. He was transfixed by her enchanting face. It was like she was a work of art; each and every feature was designed to perfection. His eyes fell on her lips, so delicate and inviting.
She smiled, and he looked up at her. “I’m sorry. Was I that obvious? But you must be used to this kind of attention with the elegance you possess.” He was flattering her, yes, trying very hard to cover up his embarrassment, but she also truly deserved the praise.
She laughed at him, which sounded like music to his ears. “Not only are you rude, but very brave as well to carry on with your flattery.”
She started to walk away, but then she turned around. “You are quite a handsome man yourself.” Before he could reply to her remark, she disappeared into the interior of the ship.

Author Bio:

Ariana Miller holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and has extensive experience in the accounting field. She currently lives in Washington, DC, though she originally hails from Orlando, Florida, and also lived in New York for many years.
Miller has been writing, in one form or another, for most of her life. As a teen, she penned poetry in her free time; as an internal auditor, she honed her abilities even more by writing reports. But, despite her lifelong passion for writing, it wasn’t until recently that Miller decided to publish her books.
For most of her life, a crucial piece of the puzzle had been missing—inspiration. But, in July 2013, she finally found it. After a life-changing encounter with a very unique person, Miller broke through the wall to release her debut novel, Timeless Love, the first of four installments in her forthcoming Love series.


This book is the debut novel for Ariana Miller. The grammar was well written and the flow was easy to follow. There weren't any parts that just threw me out of the story or kept me from bonding with the main characters.

What I had trouble with is that I felt this novella could of had more depth. It was written in a very simplistic form. And while that can be good sometimes, this time I felt like that simplicity took away from the story because it allowed my mind to wander and not keep focused. Parts were a bit predictable but that isn't a bad thing.

I did like how the author was able to develop her characters. That's hard in short stories and Novella's to really develop them and I felt like Ms. Miller did a good job in that aspect.

I would deff consider reading another book from her. This one I give a 3.5 mainly because of its simplicity.

If you like books like that, ones that require no thinking or heavy investment than you would probably like this. My taste is a bit more depth. But that isn't the authors fault.

Thank you Ms. Miller for letting me read your debut novel in exchange for a review, this was an overall enjoyable experience.

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