Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday Review: Madame's Double Life by Keegan Lace

Title: Madame's Double Life

Author: Keegan Lave

Source: Received a copy free from the author for an honest review

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Lady Victoria was born into high society and high standards in the the English country side. The dictates of Victorian society do not provide a good fit for a 17 year old free spirit. Lady Victoria is as wild as the lavender growing on the white cliffs of Dover. She is a dreamer when her life is thrown into turmoil with the arranged marriage to the much older Lord Hawthorne.

He is the Duke of Wellington, a womanizer looking for his next conquest. Lady Victoria is just the type of woman the Duke can love and leave.

Will Lady Victoria give in to the dashing Duke of Wellington and risk causing a scandal to her husband’s name? Or will the Duke of Wellington discover love for the first time.


This was a light and easy read that resulted in an enjoyable evening. Once i sat down and focused on reading it was easy to breeze through this book.

What I liked about it was the female lead was easy to identify with. It was easy to like her and she was enjoyable to follow through on her journey.

What bothered me were a lot of the transitions and sentences felt cut off. It was just missing something. I noticed it more when I sat down and read versus when my kindle was reading aloud to me. It wasn't something that pulled me away from the book just left me wanting more from scenes.

Overall I'll give this book a three star rating. I liked the ideas behind the story line. For the time period that it takes place it felt very believable to me. And the characters were all ones that I wouldn't mind reading a sequel about.

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