Friday, September 12, 2014

Gluten Free Friday Homemade Recipe #10 Beef and Noodles

One of the things people miss most when they give up bread is the pasta. Well have no fear, they do make gluten free pasta you just have to watch your sugar content.

This one is super easy and always a yummy choice for a quick meal.

As always everything is Gluten Free and/or Organic


1 pound ground beef

16 oz shredded cheese

1 box gluten free noodles

1 jar gluten free tomato sauce

chopped onion

Salt & Pepper

First you need to saute your beef with the onions and seasoning. I always like to add fresh lemon juice when I saute beef but this is a personal preference and not something you HAVE to do.

Boil your noodles until they are ready to eat

Combine your beef and noodles (drained) into one skillet and pour in the sauce. Make sure you mix it all together evenly.

Let this combination simmer for five minutes then sprinkle on the cheese. You can put as much on as your family likes to eat.

Let it sit with the cheese on top for about ten minutes then remove from heat and serve.

An easy and excellent meal with a 4 star rating!

Enjoy and Happy Eating

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