Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Review: Haunted by Kay Hooper



How do you make peace with the dead if the dead aren’t ready to forgive? In New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper’s new novel, the answer lies in the twisting shadows of a small town, and its secrets yet unearthed...

When Deacon James’s younger sister Melanie calls him, terrified, he goes to her aid in the small Georgia town of Sociable. What he finds is a scared young woman in the grip of what she insists is a paranormal nightmare—and murder. Two local men have been killed under mysterious circumstances. And Melanie is the prime suspect.

Trinity Nichols left a high-stress job for quiet, small-town life. But news of the murders has left her—and the town—on edge, especially when there is nothing remotely ordinary about how the men died. And her investigation is yielding more than she bargained for, including a group of strangers who have descended on Sociable, some with abilities Trinity finds hard to believe, and agendas she refuses to trust. For some reason, they know a lot more than they should about what’s happening in town. And what’s happening is growing stranger by the minute.

Now Trinity, Deacon, and this odd band of FBI agents must work together to solve a series of disturbances so incredible that Trinity, and the town of Sociable, will be changed forever. She just isn’t certain who—or what—will be left standing when it’s all over.


How do I even try to begin this review .... I guess at the beginning! haha.

Bishop's SCU is my second favorite series. Not putting this one down at all!! I just have followed the other one a few years longer. I look forward to each and every book that comes out with their next adventures. What I love about Ms. Hoopers world is how she continues to bring each of her characters back into the fold with the novel. I love how she doesn't forget about people. Some series that have the same characters never touch on anyone other than the main characters as if they no longer exist. That trait of Ms. Hoopers is probably one of my favorite things about her.

Another favorite is how vivid she paints the pictures and how easily it is for me to close my eyes, listen to my text-to-speech on my kindle and actually see her stories playing out in my head. It keeps me so entertained!

I loved this story line and ** SPOILER** WOW. Honestly I had NO idea he would ever show back up and I  just loved how she did that!!!

Let me tell you what I loved most about this book ... the relationship with the FBI agent partners and how they use each other for lifelines. You can feel the connections with one another with out having to have all the romantic aspects of it. I love that. And while I know her novels are 'out there' in the realm of 'really happen in real life' I find her characters relationships way more believable than others.

Overall this is a 5 star book because A - she kept me chomping at the bits for the next scene and B - it's Kay Hooper ... when does she NOT write a 5 star book?

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