Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Review: The Mortal One by Shannon Bell

Title: The Mortal One
Author: Shannon Bell
Source: I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review
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Hot vampires are everywhere and Dylan is finding it hard to control herself - especially since she is the only Mortal One. Her life was normal up until a few days ago. Then she met Nico on the streets of Florence and her world will never be the same again. Nico is sexy, Italian, and immortal - three features that she has never found more alluring in a man. She must now learn how to balance an exhilarating love affair and vampire politics at their worst. There's also a Parisian vampire that wants to claim her and she has to receive a mark in order to keep her safe from the troubles that exist.


This is a story about a woman, Dylan, who is obsessed with Vampires. Eat Sleep Breath Vampires. And when she finally finds them ... she freaks the F out!

I am not really sure how to start this review. The book wasn't bad, but it just didn't grab me. The characters moved along and sometimes I questioned the motives that they had. And sometimes the actions, or internal thoughts, didn't make sense to me from Dylan.

The book was okay - It was an easy read and I didn't find anything wrong with the overall plot. Just questioned the motives. But, they aren't my characters and only Ms Bell knows 'why' her characters do what they do.

In the end it worked out. I think if you love anything and everything vampire then you will find enjoyment in the story.

I give this a 3 star rating

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