Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sage Blog Tours Presents: Sensual Intelligence by Natalie Geld

An Introduction To Your Body’s Language
Author: Natalie Geld
Genre: Nonfiction, Self-empowerment

Book Summary

Are you AWARE of the language your body expresses, and how it affects your RELATIONSHIPS and experience? How can you develop the INTIMACY you crave when you are dissociated from YOUR OWN BODY?

When you touch behind your knee, or touch your belly – you touch your heart, and your entire life’s experience. Your flesh and blood is your diary, recording emotional events on its cells. Your body talks in subtle and profound ways; often out of alignment with the words you speak. To be effective in your life, the quality of this communication matters!

Sensual Intelligence draws from innovative research to show you how to experience your body from within to heal pain, feel more pleasure and love, a fully embodied spiritual life, and greater joy, empathy and confidence. You’ll explore the skin you’re in with an exquisite and UNIQUE HANDS-ON TOUR from head to toe. You’ll think about your body differently, even with daily activities like sitting.

• Release painful holding patterns to unlock vital energy using surprising and fun sensory experiences

• Feel the power of loving touch to immediately relax your nervous system so you feel connected and whole

Feel good in this skin you’re in. Don’t wait for love... CREATE.

A must read for anyone with a body!

Author Bio

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Natalie Geld cares deeply about human evolution and improving our experience of living. To integrate frontier science with medical and clinical communities, she co-founded the Society for Mind Brain Sciences and is producer/ director of the PBS series and university curriculum “The Feeling Brain: Exploring the Science of Emotions.” A passionate explorer of the integral nature of energy, Natalie spends hundreds of hands-on hours in the human anatomy lab, and is co-author, with cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Bernard Baars of a book about our brain’s interactivity by Oxford University Press.

Natalie lifts the skirt of consciousness for 212 countries in her blog, WhyAreWeWhispering.com


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Touch your ears and you touch your heart. Everything’s connected.
Sensual Intelligence on Audible – Audio Book
Narrated by Author, Natalie Geld $6.95

Audio Book also available on iTunes

Sensual Intelligence on Amazon – Kindle Edition $3.99

Sensual Intelligence on Barnes & Noble – NOOK Edition $4.49

eBook Edition also available on iBOOKS and additional Amazon sites worldwide.

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