Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Review: The Immortal Crown (Age of X#2) by Richelle Mead

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Gameboard of the Gods introduced religious investigator Justin March and Mae Koskinen, the beautiful supersoldier assigned to protect him. Together they have been charged with investigating reports of the supernatural and the return of the gods, both inside the Republic of United North America and out. With this highly classified knowledge comes a shocking revelation: Not only are the gods vying for human control, but the elect—special humans marked by the divine—are turning against one another in bloody fashion.

Their mission takes a new twist when they are assigned to a diplomatic delegation headed by Lucian Darling, Justin’s old friend and rival, going into Arcadia, the RUNA’s dangerous neighboring country. Here, in a society where women are commodities and religion is intertwined with government, Justin discovers powerful forces at work, even as he struggles to come to terms with his own reluctantly acquired deity.

Meanwhile, Mae—grudgingly posing as Justin’s concubine—has a secret mission of her own: finding the illegitimate niece her family smuggled away years ago. But with Justin and Mae resisting the resurgence of the gods in Arcadia, a reporter’s connection with someone close to Justin back home threatens to expose their mission—and with it the divine forces the government is determined to keep secret.


"Holy Effing Shit Batman!" That was my first reaction to this book. I can't even believe the twists and turns and adventures this story took and, wow, the ending!

First off, I still do not understand the readers who don't like this series from Richelle Mead. She has taken so many leaps and bounds of exciting adventures.

I am not sure about Arcadia. I mean, I get the world after two two books but I really don't get that world or any of this world at all. What kind of people turn into these creatures? Which is part of what I love about this novel is I love when I HATE people. The Government is just, ugh, BIG BROTHER! I really can't take how much control they have and I am so grateful that this world is simply on paper and not in reality.

Justin and Mae ... sighs ... I can't go on about them or I'll give spoilers and I just can't....

I seriously recommend this book to everyone. This series. This author. She is so amazing and I love that she keeps making these fantastic worlds.

5 Stars ... if I had an option for 6 She'd get 7!

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