Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Facebook Reading Challenge Update

On January 1st I posted on Facebook this image and challenged my fellow readers to complete this with me.

So here is my updates on what I have read thus far in 2015 along with a quick thought on each book.

-A Book that became a Movie - AMERICAN SNIPER By Chris Kyle
-A Book by a female author - COLD COLD HEART By Tami Hoag
-A Book published this year - MR. KISS AND TELL by Rob Thomas
-A Mystery or Thriller - COLD COLD HEART By Tami Hoag
-A Book based on a true story - AMERICAN SNIPER By Chris Kyle
-A Memoir - AMERICAN SNIPER By Chris Kyle
-A Book by an author I've never read before - BLOODLINES by Vanessa Skye

AMERICAN SNIPER - man this one is so hard. The emotion this book pulled from be was VERY real but the writing was just god awful. I settled on giving it 4 stars but it really forced me to forget that I'm an author and I know how to edit a novel....

COLD COLD HEART - awesome, as to be expected from the amazing Tami Hoag

MR KISS AND TELL - good, easy to read and enjoyable.

BLOODLINES - this was average. Nothing overpoweringly great or bad

So 7 out of 50 challenges checked off ... here's to moving onto the next batch for the month of February

I'd like to call out my blogger friend and college bestie Jen from The Cubicle Escapee to partake in this challenge with me :)

Then of course my Facebook reading buddy B - since she agreed to do the challenge with me -

And on a side note on Goodreads I challenged myself to read 75 books this year, I am currently 1 book ahead of schedule with 7 out of 75 books completed this year. Starting #8 right now ....

Happy Reading!!

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