Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Look Back on 2016 ...

My goodness, I don't even know where to begin on the insanity that has been this year. When I say it feels like a million things have changed, that is no overstatement or exaggeration. This year my number one major thing to report back on, are my children. My wonderful babies that I couldn't live without.

Followers of this blog will remember my previous posts, there were just a few, about my husband and my road to adoption. When they say that anything worth having is worth fighting for, that's no freaking joke. This past year, really eighteen months has been a journey for the books. There is absolutely nothing like one day having no responsibilities to the next being a monther of two. So much changes that you don't even think about.

I thought for sure I would still get time to write and work on my books. Wrong. For sure I would still get privacy, I mean I am adopting teens it isn't like they need me to feed and dress them daily, wrong.

That old commercial from the 90's and early 2000's that says "A baby changes everything" flashes through my mind all the time when something happens that I just didn't think would happen in this point in life.

Don't get me wrong I love my kiddos and there is no one in this world who could take them from me or change how I feel about them. But I really miss being an active author.

I saw a need in my daughters life. She needed more homework time, she needed more attention to detail. She needed to learn how to study and function. As a result of that I had to switch jobs. This was the best decision I have made in a long time work wise. Now I leave my house every morning at 6am and I am home by 5:15 every day. As a result of this, my daughter is now an honor roll student. I couldn't be more proud! We work on homework together, we read books, we color, play and even knit. She is just the most shinning star in my life.

My son, my dear sweet stubborn son. I don't think I could find anymore ways to be proud of him than I already have. We got him into a private charter school and my god how it changed his whole world. The best thing we could have ever done for him was get him in that program. His vocabulary skills have increased at an exponential rate. His math skills are moving closer and closer to the level in school he should be on. And he is making A's, and is happy and loves school.

These kids are my whole life and my 2016 was fantastic because of them.

Then, there is my husband. The head of our family, the leader, the dad. He and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary yesterday. Quite the milestone that a lot of people, especially individuals from my generation never see. I never thought I could love him more, but I do. Seeing him as a dad is the most exciting thing in the world to me. He makes our home a happy home. He brings laughter and love and excitement. Twelve and a half years after I met this man I love him more today than I ever dreamed of.

Yes 2016 is one for the books but it is one of great change and excitement. It is the year I will remember that not only did my family finally feel complete, it was the year that I learned that in order to be rich in life you must first be wealthy. Not wealthy with money or possessions but with love. Yes, we are now wealthy, we have more together than any of us had apart. And that gives us more riches than any bits of money could buy. 2016 ... thank you for my family.

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