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The Best of 2016 Books, Movies, Memories...

Here we go again ... another year in the books no a slew of books and movies to go through.

Picking the best of the best is always hard but I am up to the task this year. I read over 80 books in 2016 which was my challenge to myself. So picking the best of those is going to be a bit difficult. Luckily Goodreads is there to help remind me which books I liked the most and which ones will be put on the "must forget" list.

And here we go in 3 .... 2 ....1 ....


(In no particular order)

Seeds of Control: Generations to Execute By Lawrence Verigin

Oh My Goodness was this book a killer read. This had everything in it from a completely plausible plot to a lovable main character to an evil despicable bad guy who just wanted everyone to die. This was by far the scariest book of the year as well because every time I now eat a piece of food that isn't organic ... I wonder. Is someone trying to kill me? Seriously go buy this book!

Kim Law's Sugar Spring Series

Do you ever just want to get away and read one of those cheesy romances that take your mind off of everything? Then this series will do just that. Thank god they were KU books because I knocked them out back to back without even batting an eyelash. They were fantastic. Her writing style was phenomenal and she kept you begging for more with each book in the series. Def a must read for anyone who loves a good romance.

The Bitter Season by Tami Hoag

First off, the fact that I FINALLY met my favorite all time author has nothing to do with this review. Tami Hoag's writing was top notch again and this book brought a whole new twist to the relationship of these detectives I have come to love. This is prob about the 5th book in this series but it is a good stand alone. If you like mystery then this was the winner of the year.

Just A Little Death by A.L. Kessler

Now some of you may say whoa there Amy is your friend and she can't make the top list ... but I assure you this series is worth it. I LOVED these new characters. And Oh M G! Death was great! Seriously if you are looking for a new author or series that doesn't give you the expected when it come to a good urban fantasy book then pick up A.L. Kessler's. She has a few series I really enjoy but this was her best 'first' book in a series and I truly loved it!

(In no particular order)


I am not sure I even need to explain this one because it was just absolutely fantastic. Ryan Reynolds who isn't known for his super hero skills was killer. The writing, the music, everything was amazing and this movie left me laughing and smiling throughout it. BEST movie of the year for sure!


I never watched this series when it came out originally so I was majorly skeptical about the excitement of this movie. But after binge watching with the hubby we were quite excited to head off to the movie to see who was the father of Bridget's baby. This was a feel good movie for sure and it left me smiling. And that's the sign of a good flick.


The Harry Potter world is growing and this one is a winner. This movie brought a very loved magical realm into the great country of America and opened our eyes to others who possess this great skill of magic. I loved this movie, the kids loved this movie and the hubby loved this movie. For all you HP fans you will love it too.



These two films had every opportunity to be awesome but they fell majorly short. I was super sad they killed off Will Smith in ID4R and in BVS they gave the women the worst lines when when they were the best actors in the film. I just wish these two films had been better written so they would have increased their world universe instead of making me want to never travel into their realms again.

I just hope Ben as BATMAN gets better because our SUPERMAN really makes me sad.


February 2, 2016 - Tony and I adopted Aaron and Sierra. The day you officially become a parent is the best day of your life. Thank you to everyone who joined us at the court and who came out to the celebration three days later. Hearing someone call me mom, momma, mommy will always be the best memory in the world.

And there we have it ... 2016 in a nut shell. Here's hoping 2017 knocks it out of the park.

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