Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My Ramblings of Confusion on the Current Politics....

I am really having a hard time right now with the political world in America.  I almost feel out of place or that maybe my belief’s don’t belong. I don’t like this feeling and I don’t understand why I am feeling it. Be warned this is a very random post with a lot of opinions of my own … but it is my blog so that’s okay ….

Throughout the past weeks I’ve been reading post after post that men and women have put in their newsfeed on Facebook or put out a Tweet about. A lot of really well written articles explaining all the ‘bad’ things that are happening to women in America.

Quite honestly, it is my opinion, none of that applies to me. I fully understand my up bringing was my own and not everyone was given the opportunities that I have had in my life, but from where I am sitting in life, this just doesn’t apply to me.

Growing up I came from a very unique situation. Well unique in some ways typical in others. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I used to think this was an absolute horrible thing. But really it is what was best, my parents are better parents separate than together. But it also gave me two very different outlooks on life.

My mother’s household  always had less money than my father’s. The gifts were always more expensive  at my dad’s the parties bigger and more dazzling, everything was polar opposites. As a child I understood that my dad came from an upper class life style and my mom was a single mother struggling to take care of her kids.

I never wanted things I didn’t get. My parents made sure I always had anything I asked for. I had clothing, I had toys, I had computers. My dad paid for a great college education, braces, medical care, you name it my dad gave it to me. But I watched my mother struggle at times. We moved from Kansas to Texas just so we could be closer to my dad. My mother gave up her life as a musician so her kids could be with their dad.

And as a result of that, I feel very blessed to have had the opportunities my dad has given me to succeed in life. My mother gave me the ability to question life and my dad gave me the ability to conquer it.

Now all that being said … Women’s Rights. Obviously I am for women having the same civil liberties as men, I am for every human have the same rights. What I am not for is supporting ANYONE who isn’t willing to get out there and help themselves.

I know that I can only pull for situations that I have lived through because that is what I know. And I fully realize one industry is different from another. But in my 11 years of working in the professional world here is what I have seen.

For 2 years my MALE boss tried to promote me (2007-2009) at United Rentals but the FEMALE RVP didn’t allow it. For whatever reason. Doesn’t matter that the MALE manager and the MALE district manager approved of the promotion it was the FEMALE executive that wouldn’t approve of it.

When I came back to United Rentals after leaving for 3 years the MALE boss brought me back to the company at an extremely competitive wage. I never once have felt like my MALE counterparts in the industry make more money than I do. And honestly the men that I have worked with and the women I have worked with, their wages have been a representation of equality at this company. In my opinion. Gender was never an issue.

When I was at Best Buy in 2006 I made the exact same hourly rate as the MALE supervisors. We all came in at equal rates.

Going to college, honestly, I feel like I had an advantage over my guy friends. I made a majority of better grades then they did, I had a lot more opportunities for internships, I did a lot of extra stuff outside of the general college class level work. But the reason I had all of these extras is because I worked my ass off. I busted my butt and studied and applied myself and worked harder than most people I knew to get what I wanted. The guys in the Poli Sci classes that didn’t get offered the internship with the Congressman (like I did) because they didn’t apply themselves.

Now at the same time … I have felt objectified and put down because I am a woman from men. But I have felt just as much shaming from women. There are so many ladies out there up in arms about President Trump’s comments on women. But for the majority of people you have to understand that woman are just as vile. Think about it … we judge men constantly. How many muscles do they have, how big is their ‘package’, what does their bank account look like, how thick is their hair, etc… We go to strip clubs, we drink and ogle and touch men, we are JUST as dirty towards the other sex.

And more importantly we are more harsh on fellow women! We say “did you see what she was wearing?” Or “Can you believe she is dating HIM” or “Can you believe her hair looks like that?” I cannot tell you how many times growing up I was made fun of for being ‘fat’. It has taking me damn near 28 years to be OKAY with who I am. And it wasn’t because of MEN it was because of WOMEN!!

In high school it was the GIRLS who teased me, it was the GIRLS who made me want to hurt myself, it was the GIRLS who sent me home crying, IT WAS THE GIRLS!

Not the boys ….

Women’s rights is great, and I really believe we deserve the same rights as everyone else. But I am sorry … I just don’t think a march is going to give us what we need. I think that has to start with ourselves. Being in America we have so many more opportunities than other countries have. But we don’t take advantage of it.

WE have to care about ourselves …. WE have to believe!

There are these articles that say women aren’t equal because we have to worry about being raped or beaten. What about the men who are victims of abuse but can’t report it out of the feeling of being shamed. Because a man should be able to defend himself from a woman.

Or what about the thousands upon thousands of mothers who hurt and beat their children? WOMEN CAN BE JUST AS VILE AND MEAN AND HORRIBLE AS MEN!

If any of you knew the things my children’s birth mother has done you would understand WOMEN ARE JUST AS BAD AS MEN!!!!

This is really what I just don’t understand …. To me, the Women’s March, the Black Lives Matter, the LBGT community, EVERYONE … EVERYONE’S RIGHTS MATTER. It is NO ONES job or right to infringe on anyone.

I just don’t understand it …. And what I really don’t understand is what you think President Trump is going to do to take away your rights…. Now with the exception of LBGT marriage I can see that being an issue. But I know he has said the Supreme Court’s ruled on that and he was where he was leaving it. But still … that issue aside … I really just don’t get it.

And I know this is just my opinion and I know a LOT of people are going to disagree and that’s fine, that’s your right. I’m not trying to make an argument or cause drama or anything rash … but I just don’t understand why people are acting like because I am a Republican Woman who voted for Trump and supports a Pro-Life stance … that I’m a horrible person.

I hate this political atmosphere and I just wish that I could raise my kids in a happier of times. But what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt … I am going to raise my daughter to be proud to be a woman, proud to be a unique individual and proud to have come from nothing and make something of herself. Because I know she will. Just like I am going to raise my special needs son. No different because they are the same to me. Just my kids who need to be proud of themselves, no matter who they are.

And that is what I think would help America and the world … PARENTS doing their job, raising their kids with pride, respect, honor and integrity … instead of entitlement, greed, anger and hate.

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