Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Review: HEA Book Tours Presents: Confessions of a Nerdoholic by Savannah Blevins

Title: Confessions of a Nerdoholic
Author: Savannah Blevins
Source: I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review
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Eloise Duncan has a type. Skinny jeans and black rimmed glasses. She’s a nerdoholic, and she isn’t ashamed… Eloise isn’t the party all night, keg stand kind of college girl. She works part-time at the Sugar Cube bakery, and keeps her nose in a book. Even with her above par study habits, she still manages to have a failing anatomy grade at mid-term. To cheer herself up, she stops by the library a few hours a week to check out Oliver Edwards, the guy of her dreams who doesn’t realize she exists. At least, not yet. Eloise has a plan. No guy, even nerds, can resist a good cupcake, and Eloise makes the best cupcakes on earth… She leaves one of her famous strawberry cheesecake cupcakes on top of Oliver’s chemistry book. It’s enough to brighten her mood, but not enough to bring her grade up. When she accidentally hits Oliver in the crotch with her anatomy book, it turns out Oliver isn’t just hot, he’s also nice and forgiving. He offers to tutor Eloise in exchange for an endless supply of sugary treats. It’s a daydream come true, but if Eloise doesn’t pass anatomy, her father will jerk her out of school… Her father never wanted her to go to Maryland. He wants her back on the west coast, following in his footsteps at Pepperdine. He’ll use her bad grade to bring her home. Will Eloise be able to tame her nerd lust long enough to make the grade she needs to pass her class, or will she have to leave her new love behind in… Confessions of a Nerdoholic?


This was a fast paced enjoyable book. It was one of those HEA books that you knew how it was going to end but the adventure getting to that end made you smile.

It was a quick read, the characters make you smile and even laugh a time or two.

The author has a flow about her writing style that was easy to get into and it really helped move the story along when she would add the dynamics of the 3 friends.

The events that took place were a little far fetched but it is fiction so that's allowed.

Overall this was a 4 Star book, easy enjoyable and fun. I would read more by this author if given the opportunity.

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