Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Mom For 365 Days

One Year ... One Year Exactly ... that is how long it has been since the adoption of Aaron and Sierra, our two perfect children, have been legally binding and all officially ours!

Our babies!

SO MUCH has happened in the 365 days ... just too much to relive. A majority of it wonderful. But Wow. Parenthood ... Motherhood ... kids really do change everything.

And they should ... because they are our world.

I don't think there could be a single day in my life that will top that moment in the court room when the judge said they were now ours.

Well ... maybe MANY MANY years from now when I am holding my grandchild in my arms ... but until this, this moment will forever be the best of my life.

The second best day was in July when the kids birth certificates came in the mail. I have been waiting for a decade to see my name on a birth certificate stating that I am in deed a mom. These two kids have made all my hopes and dreams that were yet to be conquered a reality.

I remember at our wedding when the priest was talking about being open to children ... back then, in 2006, we were so young. So naive. But my heart knew that my life would always be open to children. Tony and I had talked about it and it was something we wanted.

When tragedy hit us with the topic of kids all hope felt lost.

And then these two angels entered our lives.

It hasn't been easy, it hasn't been exactly what we expected.

It's been hard, it's been tough, it's been messy and it has been hell.

BUT it has also been an adventure, an exciting journey, an extraordinary experience, and the best gift God has ever given us.

I know deep in my heart that Tony's father and my grandpa Pete and all our Angel babies were up in heaven that Feb 2015 directing us to our children. They were sent to us by the ones who know us best. Because these two kids fit in our lives like they have been there the whole time.

Not a day goes buy that I don't thank God for them.

I celebrate today, Feb 2nd, 2017 as the 1 year mark that I officially became a mother ... on paper. But these two kids owned my heart back in July 2015. Our first meal as a family July 3rd, 2015, would have been my Grandpa Pete's 86th birthday. Numbers mean something to me ... and that means something to me.

When asked, nature over nurture I am going to go with nurture ... because these kids ... they are Tony and Mine. Always and forever.

February 2nd, 2016 ... the day we became a family ... Always and Forever

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