Sunday, February 5, 2017

Review: Spiraled Byendra Elliot

Title: Spiraled
Author: Kendra Elliot
Source: Amazon


Wall Street Journal Bestseller
FBI Special Agent Ava McLane solves crimes; she doesn’t witness them. When she’s trapped in a mall without her weapon as a shooter picks off victims, she hides with a wounded teen and prays for her survival.
But that’s only the beginning…
An epidemic of mass shootings has swept across Oregon. The young shooters terrify the public, committing random murders before taking their own lives. The task force assembled to solve the case—which includes Ava’s boyfriend, detective Mason Callahan—remains stumped. And on top of this chaos, Ava’s troubled twin sister reappears, throwing Ava’s already-tumultuous life into a tailspin.

An old-fashioned cop with a strong sense of duty, Mason struggles to find the cause of the shootings as workaholic Ava spins ever closer to breaking down. But can one detective save the lives of countless innocents—and prevent the woman he loves from going over the edge?


This is seriously one of my favorite series, book three was just as good as the first two books. What I really like about this series is it strictly follows one couple but it isn't the same ole same ole every time.

I love when authors keep characters in a series constantly because then you can really learn the characters and they become more alive to you.

This author has a talent of making the words on the page appear in your mind just like a movie. It was really was a great read.

Solid 5 star, I've already started book four and I can't wait to see what new adventures happen

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