Friday, April 12, 2013

Exciting New Experiences

Isn't my ToTo cute! Random side note before we start the blog - I've always wanted a ToTo Dog. Now I finally have one! Hehe. 

Boy - 2013 has had a rough start but now it seems like everything is back on track. For those of you who didn't know, I was in a car accident Feb 1st and it made me feel like my life was falling apart. In addition to some neck injuries there was also a concussion and that made me feel like someone had castrated my writing abilities. Now thankfully, two and a half months later, I finally am feeling like myself again. You wouldn't believe how horrible it is to not remember almost a whole month of the year! Now we are moving onward and looking forward to this journey ahead of me. 2013 is going to be the best year yet, I feel it.

This has been an exciting week for me. Almost too good to be true. The best part is I know that the fun and excitement is only beginning in this new chapter of my life. Some of you who have missed all the Facebook posts this week let me give you a little recap. My first set of poems were released in a book, Whispers in the Dark that was co-authored with Stacy Moran and Torie N. James. The book contains sixty poems and thirty images. It's available in e-book and print.The beauty of this project was we were able to all express our own thoughts, feelings, heartache, while still blending our poems together.

I'm still trying to decide which of these things was the best part.
  • Photography --- 9 of the 10 poems in my section along with a handful in Torie's were taken by me. So now not only are my words in print, my photographs too!
  • The poetry itself --- My poetry has always been very dark, rooted deep in anger when I have no other way to express myself. Even the happier poems were written at a time of despair and sadness.
  • Amazon --- Waking up and seeing my name, MY NAME on the Amazon Best Sellers list ... left me speechless.
Those three things have my head spinning and my thoughts just swirling with ideas. Ideas for a second book, ideas for more poems. I keep a running list of them you know. Just ideas ideas ideas. It's like someone needs to come and say, "Okay brain, it's alright to take a vacation, take some time off." The poetry feeds my soul.

While all of this is going on Stacy and I are preparing for the Houston Indie Book Festival next weekend, April 20th.  This is going to be the best event in April I have a feeling. We have all our promotion and marketing plans it's just the waiting game. Waiting till the days tick on by for it to become a reality.

I'm going to be selling Maverick Touch: The Cat, but when you buy the single copy of Mav, you are going to get a surprise extra. An Advanced Readers Copy of Blood Purple. See lots of exciting things going on.

Stacy and I have also made some decisions and we are going to be putting our books out together, under the same label. The Art of Safkhet. This is where you will be able to come to see all of our books. We have Maverick of course up, but also her book, Blood Myth and Whispers. We are also starting two monthly short series. I don't want to go into too much detail as it will ruin some of the surprises but here is a quick Summary.

The first Tuesday of every month starting in May we are going to put out Temptation Tuesday. A short story series about women discovering something about themselves. This will be more sexual in nature but it will also be just for fun. The first story is going to be a fantasy cruise and we are very excited to get this one underway.

The third Wednesday of each month, starting in May, we are going to release a paranormal-esq short story series. We are currently playing with the title Sekhmet's Revenge but I don't think we've declared it set in stone just yet. It's about the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet and how she is betrayed by someone she loves. Eventually, it will work out to where Neria and Baysa have to avenge her in the present day, we just have to work up to that.

These two short stories will be 99 cents, always. Kind of like a monthly comic sort of thing. A quick entertainment that will leave you wanting to read what happens next month.

Now the hard part comes in. We need the great and powerful Soxie to make our cover. Ahhh stock photo shopping ... so not my favorite part of this task.

But all in all this has been tremendous fun and now more exciting things are about to happen. It's amazing feeling my dream become a reality and I thank all of you for being in this journey with me.

-- And on a side note, if you leave a comment with your email AND join my blog or Stacy A. Moran blog I will email you a 25% off coupon for one of our books. This is going to be valid until 4-19-2013 --
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